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VMR V801 Titanium Black Shadow
VMR V801 Titanium Black Shadow

VMR V801 Titanium Black Shadow

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A premium full-faced mesh concept of light weight flow formed construction, the V801 is the convergence of form and function. Simply put, the V801 demonstrates a level of design, construction, and finish that surpasses the status quo. The V801 has been engineered as carefully as it’s been designed. The V801 utilizes our state of the art flow forming manufacturing process that yields a barrel that is forged via high heat and high pressure rollers. This hybrid construction results in a strong wheel, that weighs less.

The amount of detail the V801 demonstrates in design and construction is taken one step further with our premium finish offerings. The V801 is available in four finishes - Hyper Silver, Anthracite Metallic, and two new specially crafted coatings:

Mercury Black Metallic – A diamond cut face highlighted by Mercury Black accent with a high gloss translucent throughout. The bright mirror finished face with highly reflective Mercury Black accent creates an immensely dynamic, lustrous appearance.

Titanium Black Shadow – A diamond cut face offset by Piano Black accent with Dark Titanium clear throughout. The stealth titanium tint over mirror finished face results in a high gloss wheel that displays contrast in direct light, yet appears full gloss black in indirect light.

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