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VERTINI RF1.2 Gloss Black
VERTINI RF1.2 Gloss Black
VERTINI RF1.2 Gloss Black

VERTINI RF1.2 Gloss Black

Regular price $350.00

CUSTOM PCD: 5x100, 5x108, 5x112, 5x114.3, 5x120, 5x130

CUSTOM OFFSET: +15mm - +50mm

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New for 2016 is the Vertini Wheels is introducing the RF1.2, the second wheel in the RF line up featuring our spin flow forming technology.

Lighter and stronger than a traditional wheel the RF1.2 will weigh in at 22lbs. for a 20" staggered set up. The RF1.2 is a classic spoke design fitting for all luxury and import or American muscle vehicles.

As with our RF1.1 the RF1.2 will be stock in out brush silver, brush titanium, brush ruby red, and brush bronze finish as well we will be offering tailor made finished upon request.


This process minimizes the bubbling effect aluminum and Reduces air pockets.

In tilt casting, the metal is poured into a holding cup while the mold is in its horizontal position. Then, with a preset cycle time, the casting machine raises to a vertical position, allowing the metal to enter the die cavity at a slow, continuous pour rate. The tilt-pour method is a good choice for general casting purposes because of it’s feed/gate flexibility which allows for a wide variety of casting shapes.


Stretching results in an improved grain structure of the aluminum, which makes for a stronger, thinner, and lighter forged-like rim barrel.

The final product is more durable on impact end enhances overall vehicle performance.

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